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Life A Bitch So I Married Her

Life’s a bitch so i married her. Along our journey as men we have many obstacles along our path to our destination. Just like women life is going to test you all depend on how you are going to handle those test are you going to man up or are you going to bitch up. See it is easy to quit that is life test to see how badly you want what you are striving for as men who are here to leave our legacy to leave our mark on this world.

When you are on you path you will have those trip ups and setbacks it will be easy to look at the negative in situations but life is just a teacher and its wants you to learn from those lessons what don’t kill you on makes you stronger. You just have to pay attention to those lessons grown and learn from them. Even in negative situations there is good you just have to learn to look for the good because it is easy to see the negative. Prime example my car broke down on my about 2 weeks about on a Friday me and a friend of mine was supposed to go out to this club i was going to drive so im on the way to go get a fresh cut and hit the mall im on the freeway my car my car starts tripping on me. So later i call my mobile mechanic he tells me i need a new fuel pump and sensor he will do it for $400 including the parts so im like cool. So anyway he tells it won’t be done until sometime next week Wednesday at the earliest since he can order the part cheaper for me off line rather than going to AutoZone. So basically i ended up riding with my friend we ended up getting stopped by the cops because he didn’t signal when he was turning (i know petty right lol) everything checked out his license, registration, insurance good so cool we on our way. I get a call that Monday morning from the Sheriff’s department telling me I have a warrant for my arrest (im like what they fuck for what) they said i missed a payment for a fine i was paying i was like no i made my payment so anyway I go to the courthouse show them my money order stub come to find out they messed saying that i missed my payment for January when i made the payment for January in December and they next payment was due until February. So basically if my car hadn’t messed up i would have been driving that got pulled over warrant would have popped up i would have went to jail car would have got towed plus i would have to pay bail and i would have had a record so by my car breaking down prevented all of that bs so i ended up getting my car back that Tuesday and everything cleared.

So when some bs goes on in your life there is a reason for it you just have to pay attention to what is happening and going on look for the positives then you will ended up seeing what life was trying to show you.


About mronehunnid

Originally from the sunshine state moved down south. Father, leader, motivator, entrepreneur. Just like to have fun live life to the fullest follow my dreams leaving my legacy.Just want to share some of my life experiences with people in order to help others to learn from things i have been through also just to have fun and motivate as well.


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