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Are you the rebound man


I decide was going to do another topic but something me want to write about this. A lot of us men don’t know if we the backup dick or rebound dick. Let me explain you meet a female the conversation well; vibe is good, physical attraction is on fire. So you guys end up kicking it actually ended up fucking then all of a sudden she disappears vanishes on you then you thinking like damn what they fuck happened shit I was digging ole girl and she just goes MIA on a nigga you call you text no response so you begin to question yourself over analyzing the situation thinking you did something wrong sometime you could have done something wrong who knows. A lot of times some of us come on to strong with a woman you will be surprised fellas not all females want relationships a lot of times they just want a cool cat they can chill with chop it up and bust a nut. I had an experience where I was dealing with this woman when I was a young buck she was an older than me the head was fire pussy was super tight still even though she was like 34 years old and she broke bread ya know shit she would have a nigga in the corner curled up sucking his thumb after she gave me some head quivering and shit having aftershocks. One day she was like P I can’t fuck with you anymore I need a man at the time I didn’t understand what she was saying (I will post a blog about you have to be a man first before anything else later) as I got older I do. So a lot of times in between relationships females will have flings just be free fucking if she a female with standards and value herself as a woman she not going to give herself to any man so you have to know how to play your cards correctly and peep game.
That’s why when you are dealing with a woman you have to interview her find out how long she been single why her and her dude broke up so you know how to play the position if she has only been single a couple weeks let alone a month she trying to get a confidence boost she could be a lil vulnerable as well so she needs her needs met it could be mentally, physically, or emotionally don’t be that cat she just deals with for the mental and emotional shit because you are just loitering around the pussy while she fucking the next cat your just a ego booster if she not fucking you fam she fucking someone else. I had another experience where I was dealing with this fly young lady she just had a son the baby was about 6 months old so I already knew she still had feeling for her sons father fellas when you dealing with a female who recently had a child those feeling for her kids father is still there a lot of times they might get back together you just filling that void temporarily. So back to the story we chilled kick it did our thing stayed cool then I just stopped hearing from her I happen to go to the mall saw her with her sons father we spoke said our hellos and kept it moving I wasn’t mad at her I love to see when people can keep the family together it’s a beautiful thing. Also had another situation where me and this female was cool as hell kicking it fucking she was breaking bread but she talked a lot of shit about her kids father I’m thinking like you talking all this shit about dude but you going to get back with him I just enjoyed those moments then I get a text from her saying she was getting married to dude he said that he couldn’t live without her I was just like congrats I will get you guys a wedding present we still cool to this day. So I think you get the picture of this post.
There’s nothing wrong with being a rebound man at all shit once I learned to peep game and get the info I needed from a woman I knew how to play my position how to handle the situation it’s a beautiful thing because if you keep it mackish, handle the situation in a cool calm collected fly manner, don’t judge the female when that relationship don’t work out guess who she going to be calling you I don’t know how many times I’ve had females leave or disappear couple months later he back chopping it up and kicking it. A lot of us mess these situations up because we be to simpish to clingy you calling you texting blowing up her phone females like freedom and acceptance they don’t like bugaboo niggas shit I’ve done this on purpose just to see how it affects women and they don’t like it at all it irritates them best believe they talk about it too they home girls and they next man. I’ve kicked it with females who ignore calls from cats who are bugaboos and they talk shit about them. Real talk no bs I’ve gotten head while a female was on the phone with her ex so don’t get put in that lame or simp category.
Also on an end no note always be up front with a female about your intentions you have to do it in a tactful way you will be surprised like I said in the beginning not everywoman is looking for a relationship so you don’t have to play the role like you looking for one as well if you are cool they make sure she on that page also.


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Originally from the sunshine state moved down south. Father, leader, motivator, entrepreneur. Just like to have fun live life to the fullest follow my dreams leaving my legacy.Just want to share some of my life experiences with people in order to help others to learn from things i have been through also just to have fun and motivate as well.


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