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Valentines Day: Don’t Award Bad behavior/If She Not Your Main Its A No No

I know im going to get some slake for this topic oh well everyone has a opinion and freedom to express themselves. My view on Valentines Day is this i dont have anything against it all a lot of people actually dont know why they are truley celebrating it or even the history of Valentines Day a lot of Christian Saints who where martyred were called Valentine and Valentines Day began era of courtly traditions. The stories of how women were wooed by grand gestures of gallantry flourish in romance novels of today. We all wish to be desired — to be loved and accepted. Which is a beautiful thing.
I am single which is by choice so around this time i tend to lose females I have been dealing with which is understandble becuase you know “love” is in the air and a lot of cupcaking and simping goes on around this time im not knocking what anyone does just know the reason why you are doing it thats all im saying. See a lot of women have a since of entitlement to this holiday some deserve to be catered to some dont. Ive seen men who put up with bad behavior from thier wives, or girlfriends on a consistent basis throughout the year being cussed out, disrespected, or just dealing with a foul ass female then they still go out and do things for this women on this day. Fellas its like you having a puppy who is shitting and pissing all over the place. Instead of you discipling the puppy and training the puppy to go out side to use the bathroom you give the puppy a Scooby snack then you wonder why the puppy is still shitting and pissing all over the house because you are allowing it. So throughout the year you woman is on some bs instead of you checking that out the gate you let it slide and then it continues then Valentines Day comes what do you do you got out break you self buying flowers, candy, vacations, jewelery ect to please this woman the only thing you are doing is reinenforcing her behavior which is not going to get any better. In all honestly you shouldnt be dealing with a woman who has no respect for you at all you cant be scared to lose a woman. The reason a lot of us put up with this and go out our way to keep a woman happy expecially around this time is for what to not mess up getting the pussy simple since you know if you dont do what every other man is doing on this day and around thsi time she going to be mad and withhold the pussy from you.
I cat on my friends list on facebook posted a question “Do You Think Men Should Get Gifts on Valentines Day” the responses i saw made by women cracked me up becuase you know what they said “if he has been acting right” or “if he deserves it” there were more just something i didnt want to get into to much. Im not saying all women the majority dont feel it is their obligation to get their man anything around this time. They have that sense of entitilement you do have the women who are not selfish who do award something for their man becuase they value you thier man Ive had women do stuff for me on VDAY I stopped doing that a while back because i knew eventually they would want more like a relationship or committment which is something im not ready to give at this time so i had to let them know. Dont get me wrong Ive went out my way for women in the past candy, flowers, all that good stuff them i later realized a woman will take from you all day that doesnt mean she likes you at all they not going to tell you that though. So i know there are a lot of men who are taking women out around this time or buying gifts for women that they not even fucking or in a relationship shit they investing in women who are not investing in them doesnt make sense. So if she not your main chick yo should be doing this at all see fellas you might just be a option majority of the time she has that cat she dealing with who going to come through after you drop her off or she drives her self back home who going to pay that pipe down on her after you have done the wining and dining ive been on both ends of the stick.
On the other hand if you got a woman in your life who is loyal to you, she is bringing something to the table, she is respects you as a man hell yeah you do what you got to do with that woman the thing is if you are handling your business as a man on a consistent basis mentally, physically, & emotionally when this time of year comes it is just another day to her she wont be fucked up about if you do or get anything for her or not why because you show her appreciation on a consistent basis if you decide to do something for her its just the icing on the cake 9 times out of ten she going to do something over the top for you. With women fellas if you handling you business with her on a consistent basis doing the little shit that counts it goes a long way with a woman.


About mronehunnid

Originally from the sunshine state moved down south. Father, leader, motivator, entrepreneur. Just like to have fun live life to the fullest follow my dreams leaving my legacy.Just want to share some of my life experiences with people in order to help others to learn from things i have been through also just to have fun and motivate as well.


2 thoughts on “Valentines Day: Don’t Award Bad behavior/If She Not Your Main Its A No No

  1. Lol…I hurd dat!! Not all women take wha a man offers. I jus turned down $200 yesterday. He was tryna pay for my divorce. I got myself in it imma get myself out. But i understand wer u coming from about everything else.

    Posted by Latoya Berry | February 12, 2012, 9:10 pm
  2. thanks for the comment ms.berry not all women are not like u though

    Posted by mronehunnid | February 13, 2012, 11:48 pm

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