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Online Dating: How To Do It Correctly

This is a tough question to answer because ive had some good experiences and bad experiences as far as meeting women offline. I’ve met women who actually didn’t look like their picture a lot of times it is an old ass high school picture when she was fly in her younger days I meet her in person she looks like Chewbacca from Stars Wars. I’ve talked to females who have had the same experience as well with men using old ass photos turn out to be crazy or they use someone else photo as well. I mean seriously you think people are not going to notice. I can honestly say ive had more good experiences than bad ones. The thing is with the internet people can be something they not they can live in their fantasy world but with online dating if you make a somewhat connection with someone and you guys decide to meet then the truth will come out eventually. For my fellas im going to be honest with you the way things are now there is a lot of thirsty shit that goes on online also a lot of tricking and simping. I’ve seen females online who say they in a relationship they are just online for conversation to me that means that they are weighing their options (looking for new dick), look for a confidence or ego boost basically just seeking attention because they are not getting their needs met at home. Even if they don’t got a man 9 time out of 10 she already got someone she dealing with or fucking. My thing is you don’t take females you meet online to serious they have to many options when it comes to online and its impersonal the majority of women that i have dealt with on a consistent basis have been women i have met when i go out you can build rapport with them and see if you vibe you cant do that sitting behind a computer hollering at women im not saying there is nothing wrong with it but a lot of men do that too much because you lack confidence when you are out and about.

If you do choose to date online im going to give you some tips as far as online dating and how to be successful at it:

1. Be Authentic

This should be common sense ive heard so many stories about cats lying about who they are, what they do as a profession, acting like they single when they are in a relationship or they married, how much money they make (that cat flashing his two-week pay check from his job like he balling on his profile). It’s lame a female will find out eventually. Being authentic with a woman not just online when you out socializing you are giving her the option to choose if she wants to fuck with you are not if she dont so be it keep it pushing.

2. Keep The Info You Give Out to Minimum:
Why would you give out all your personal information about your out online. You dont know these women shit I know of situations where cats have been hit for licks by giving out too much info online to a female or someone who made a profile of a woman to set up tricks and simps dont be one of them. Im not saying lie just give as little information about yourself as possible. If a female is too anxious to meet up with you that should be a read flag if you meet up with some one meet at Starbucks a library a public place dont think with your dick you could become part of a lick

3. Be mysterious

When giving as little information about yourself as possible it lets the female mind run wild she will want to know more about you. They key get her to talk about herself you want to know what kind of woman you are dealing with

4. Dont be Quick To Respond to Replies

Wait a couple of days if a female responds back to you or she hit you ups. it makes you look like a busy man you got better things to do than be sitting online all day. Also it doesnt make you come off as being thirsty

5. Dont be Thirsty and come off as desperate

Ive seen so many comments on women’s pages from thirsty as men asking can they lick they pussy, damn baby you sexy ass hell, can i drink your bath water, when you going to call me so we can kick it ect. Thats a turn off to women they can get dick anytime. Also keep your damn shirt and clothes on i remember i seen this picture on this females profile on mocospace this cats didn’t even have on boxers he had on some tightey whitey with some shades on im like are you serious if i can find that pic i will post it lol.
So just chop it up with her dont come of as needy or desperate.

6. Let her Ask for your number or she give you hers

Honestly i would say wait for the female to give you her number if you guys are have some good dialog shit give her your number just let her know you a busy man you dont be online too much drop the number if she holla cool if she dont cool. If she is interested she will holla at you

7. Be you

When i look at profiles online a lot of times i crack up because you know some of the cats and they trying to come off like they gangsta or they hard like i said some people live in that fantasy word just be yourself let it flow if it peeks a females interest she will fuck with you simple the truth also comes to the light so why be anything but you

8. Be fresh
Have some fly pictures on your page. Take pics of you having fun, smiling, chilling with your love ones. Shit put on a suit. Shit just look like you are a fly ass man who likes to have fun see women want to live out that fantasy through you they want to escape reality at times so look the part to catch her attention

8. Get at the Fly Women

Shit you hollering at females online so why set the bar low holla at all the fly women on there set your standards high. Dont settle for ratchet females because there are a lot of them online and thirsty men get at them on a consistent basis because they think its easy pussy a lot of cats are scared to get at the fly women because they think they dont have a chance you will be surprised if you come at her like you got some sense.

10. Be Unique standout

If you look at the majority of the profiles online of dudes everybody want to be a gangsta so just do something different shit show pics of you taking trips. Throw on a suit i did that once man i got hit up a lot when you are messaging women write something that catches their attention instead of the typical wuz up, you sexy, ect.


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Originally from the sunshine state moved down south. Father, leader, motivator, entrepreneur. Just like to have fun live life to the fullest follow my dreams leaving my legacy.Just want to share some of my life experiences with people in order to help others to learn from things i have been through also just to have fun and motivate as well.


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