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Don’t Be Desperate, Clingy, Insecure & Don’t Handcuff

Something always seems to happen when i have one topic in mind then an incident happens that makes me change the subject. Today i was on my way home from handling some business decided to stop to get something to eat at TACO BELL (man i cant wait to get back to cali for some real Mexican food) dont know why i didnt go through the drive through something was like go inside and sit down to eat i always follow my instincts. Anyway i see this female i use to deal with lets call her TIANA fly female real cute got a lot of potential to be a real top-notch female she had moved to GA. Anyway she was inside ordering food as well we speak she was on her lunch break from work she asked me to keep her company so we can catch up. So basically she had a little boy she was like you know this suppose to be your son i just laughed i was like shiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt hell nah he is cute though so we talked about GA everything basically she moved back here to be closer to her moms who had gotten sick. So basically her phone just started ringing all “she said was damn this nigga right here is bugging” she answers the phone tells dude on the phone she was having lunch with a friend she hasnt seen in a while i guessed he asked her if it was a dude she was like yeah said my name wasnt no sign of disrespect or that she was being deceitful she was honest with dude.

So anyway she gets off the phone her phone ringing again lol i can tell she irritated its dude again basically this time she was like can i eat and i will call you back when im done. She tells me that she has only been seeing dude not even a month they done had sex like 3 times (like JCOLE you know you got to multiply that by 3). He has offered to get her a car, has paid her phone bill, took her to his mom’s house, wants her to move in with him, and claiming her son already. She was basically like man the shit is scaring me he is moving to fast and pushing up to hard. I didnt say to much on the situation at all i was thinking damn you hit a lick you got you a trick basically this cat really simping and cupcaking he really dont know this woman.
She then shows me the texts he sent the other night when she went to kick it with her sister this cat texted this girl more than 40 times asking her when she going to be done, well can she leave early, is she cheating on him already, and then he said that he was going to come where she is at ect…. I was like wow i wish i could have had a screen shoot of that text. I was like man dude is bugging she asked me what i thought about the situation because she could tell that dude was real insecure, clingy, and she not ready for all the serious stuff he was talking about. I was basically like well you need to let him know that because it could escalate to something more dont take advantage of what he is doing for you if you dont want it im just going off by what im seeing and you telling me. I that dude has some stalker potential in him and might be a little crazy he seems like a good dude i think he just hasn’t dealt with a decent female before and also i think he is pussy whipped. That was my opinion on the situation to her. She agreed and she said she would talked to him we gave each other a hug and went out separate ways.

Now the moral of this story is that a lot of us men make this mistake a lot of times by putting too much value on a woman from the jump i have done it in the past. To many of us do that extra shit that thinks that is going to keep a female around that shit dont work it pushes the woman away and scares her when you on that clingy insecure shit is a big turn off. Much as you dont believe fellas women like a challenge they like to earn your attention, affection, and things the get from you. A woman will take from you all day that dont means that she likes you. You would be surprised at the number of women who not even looking for nothing serious they just want to be around a man who is going to be authentic with them and give them some good dick what ever comes into play after that will be discussed.
You have some women who know when they got them a simp they might be with your for the security but they might have some one else on the side who fulfilling those other needs. Also i remember she was telling me dude has a good job, house, and makes some decent money he would always bring that up to her and throw it in her face. Ive seen this a lot of times i have been the other dude before dealing with women who had men that made paper i didnt have a dime in my pocket and im still working on getting my paper up now. Having all that material stuff is cool you suppose to have all those things in order especially when you are ready to settle down but if you are using it to try to keep a woman or get women it wont work if you so it wont last. You keep a woman around by being a challenge, fucking her mind, giving her some knowledge some game, and always being consistent with her, having a balance as a man show appreciation but know how to check her when she on some bs, also give her that space that freedom give her time to miss your ass.
All that handcuffing seeing where she is at, checking her phone, asking who she with, accusing her only pushing her away and makes her run for the hills.


About mronehunnid

Originally from the sunshine state moved down south. Father, leader, motivator, entrepreneur. Just like to have fun live life to the fullest follow my dreams leaving my legacy.Just want to share some of my life experiences with people in order to help others to learn from things i have been through also just to have fun and motivate as well.


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