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Being Thorough and Consistent with Women: Being Her Mr.Wrong

I was listening to the Mary J. Blige song with Drake “Mr.Wrong” love the song and it is some real shit. Really made me think about why some women jsut go back and forth with cats. Ive been in situations where me and women have a love hate realtionship you know. Like for me personally ihave been in situation where women want me to be there man i explain it from jump that its not what im looking for right now shit my money not right and im really on my grind to get my self stable. If i know i cant give a good woman my all. I dont want to lock her down if she if she meets a man who willing to give her what she looking for give him a chance. They dont like it but they tend to stick around the thing is i gave them the option if they want to deal with me or not.

Have you ever notice that every woman has that one man that she always goes back and forth with. This man can come back in her life at anytime if he chooses to. No matter what a female tells me she has had that one man who was authentic and consistent with her. He might not have been about shit did her wrong but it was something about this cat that keeps her fucking with him. Alot of times its because the was thorough with her and consistent she knew what she was dealing with he enver switched up on her. This is the cat that can call her at 3am when she is knocked out sleep she will wake up and act like she already had been up. This is the car she will go against her parents for. This is the cat she will give her whole check to with out hesitation. This is the cat who if you not on yuor job with her she will be creeping to see on the side.

See ive been on both ends of the stick ive played and been played before. The times when i have gotten played was because i wasnt being consistent with the female or i sold her a dream when i didnt have to do all of that now i know better. The thing is all you have to do is be consistent with a female and just up front with her about what you about as well as what you are looking for. Let her see the real you. Becuase she will know what she is getting she might like everything you do or everything that you say but she knows what she is getting. Basically you have her trust and respect she might hate your guts be she is comfortable with you. I will get into more detail with this later just wanted to touch on it briefly. Have a great weekend and be safe.


About mronehunnid

Originally from the sunshine state moved down south. Father, leader, motivator, entrepreneur. Just like to have fun live life to the fullest follow my dreams leaving my legacy.Just want to share some of my life experiences with people in order to help others to learn from things i have been through also just to have fun and motivate as well.


One thought on “Being Thorough and Consistent with Women: Being Her Mr.Wrong

  1. Omg…I’m Smh…yep u hit it

    Posted by tracie | February 25, 2012, 6:57 pm

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