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I was watching a Kain Carter you tube video i love this dude. He says some real shit but in a funny way. He this video on “THE POWER OF THE DICK” he says that you dick has no power at all. I agree with him to many men think we are going to keep a woman just by beating the pussy up good. Fellas your dick does not have more power than pussy. Think about it cats pay for pussy all day everyday. A female can be ratchet as hell but you will still fuck her. You see cats who on top of their game that will fuck with a female who not on top of hers just because she cute and for that pussy.
As Kain Carter says “you must have good dick presentation. That means have your tools in order. Prime example Jay-z is not a very attractive man at all but he had excellent dick presentation to snatch up Beyonce. We all know Beyonce wouldn’t have gave him a time of day if he wasnt on top of his game. You have a lot of women who do have boy toys cats they call when they want to fuck but that’s nothing will grow from that. So she knows she can get some good dick at anytime until she finds her mr.right who has his tools in order. Im not saying in order to get women you must have money, a nice car, and home. No because you can have all of that but if you dont have any game or knowledge on you best believe you will get played for a lame possibly end up paying alimony, child-support we see it happen all the time with entertainers. Another example it happened about two weeks ago i went to a club stopped at Denny’s that’s where everyone goes pretty much after the club. So anyway we outside chilling kicking it this fly ass female was out there with her homegirl. I like people watching i see this cat pull up i think he was driving a Buick Regal he tried to holla at her she brushed him off. Then this cat pulls up in a BMW 750 hollas at her the same female guess what she ends up leaving with him we all know what went down. Now on the opposite end with us men we dont give a damn what a woman drives shit let alone where she lives if we not looking for a relationship we just trying to fuck majority of the time. We could be big CEOs of a corporation and she could be a waitress if we like something we going after it we dont pay attention to that other shit. When you are ready to settle down as a man you should look for certain characteristics in a woman i will post a blog on that later if she meets most of them then you can upgrade he in the areas she is lacking but you must have some game on you.
Now i know some of my fellas think well i have bitches blowing up my phone, stalking me, and fighting over me. Hears a wake up call you dealing with dumb bitches no woman of quality going to put her self out there like that because she values her self too much.

Here are the tools you need to have in order:
1.Your own spot: You’ve got to have your own spot or being rooming with another male roommate you guys sharing an apt or house. Women like to be comfortable they like to be able to go to a mans house without having to worry about his momma, siblings, or some one busting in on them. Women love nice shit to im not saying you have to spend a lot of money on fixing your place up if you do cool. Just make sure you place is clean if your couches don’t match go to Wal-Mart and get some couch covers. Keep a nice bed room set with a matching sheet set and comfortable a quality female likes a man who likes nice shit. Best place to get shit at is IKEA that’s my spot. Also keep food in your fridge so she can cook for you makes good for conversation. Also if possible besides the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 get a Wii as well man you don’t know how much pussy I got from having one of those. I recommend have your own spot before you get a car unless you live somewhere that the public transportation is fucked up then a car is necessary.
2.Good health: A woman doesn’t want to be with a sickly man. You can’t do anything about your face but you can have a nice looking body get rid of that cut take your ass to the gym or get a home gym. Go to the dentist get that grill fixed. Get a manicure and pedicure (I shouldn’t have to say this without the gloss and polish). A woman likes a well-kept man.
3.Transportation: Get you a decent ride that runs good you don’t have to worry about breaking down. Ive went through so many cars its crazy. You need a car especially if you don’t have your own place you can go to hers pick her up go to a hotel whatever. Also if she has a car and has to pick you up all the time it gets old plus you want to be able to bounce when you want to bounce.
4) Wardrobe: You don’t have to have expensive clothing if you can afford it and fits in your budget cool. Stay fresh stay clean. Keep all your shoes clean women tend to look at that, your teeth, and keep a fresh-cut even if you have to cut your own hair. You don’t have to rock name brand clothing just make sure their ironed and crisp.
5. Jewelry: All of us know when love diamonds. Im not really into jewelry too much but I do own a nice diamond watch with a leather band and some diamond stud earrings. If you into jewelry cool if not cool just do what fits your styles. It does get you that extra attention

Having your shit in order basically puts you in a better position with women. But once you knock her can you keep her coming back is the challenge. That is all up to you after that. Like i said earlier a lot of cats have the tools but lake the intelligence, game, and common sense when it comes to dealing with women. I will post something on that later. Peace.


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Originally from the sunshine state moved down south. Father, leader, motivator, entrepreneur. Just like to have fun live life to the fullest follow my dreams leaving my legacy.Just want to share some of my life experiences with people in order to help others to learn from things i have been through also just to have fun and motivate as well.


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