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I had an incident today i was on my way home from work i see this female all the time gorgeous female. She stands about 5’9 multiracial real petite with a hour class shape. I would say she is about 21-22.I have the habit of people watching because you can tell a lot about a person body language how they feel about themselves. Every time i see her she doesn’t make eye contact with anyone she might look up then put her head back down. She is not dusty meaning you can tell she has good hygiene but her fashion sense is real low-key you can tell she doesnt dress up to much she is just real basic jeans, t-shirt, and converse maybe a sundress everyone once in a while if she goes somewhere. You can tell she doesn’t go out much at all every time i see her she has a book with here thats a plus (because im an avid reader myself). So anyway im just observing her for about the past week now (not in a stalkerish manner) just trying to see if what im assuming is correct. On a scale of 1-10 i would give her a 8.
So anyway i speak to her today introduced myself let her know i had been checking her out for like the past week told her she is too cute to be always having her head down keep it up and smile (man i got the biggest smile out I have ever seen out of this women) find out her name is Tatiana (not her real name) and she works at a group home and she is going to college to be a pre-school teacher this is her last year. So basically we talked casual conversation had her smiling and laughing. She is a real down to earth and respectful female. I also asked her is she was single she was like yeah I asked her why. She didnt give the typical response most women do like “i cant find a good man” or “my last boyfriend cheated on me”. Her response was she is basically focused on school but she would give a guy a chance if the feeling was mutual. Wow that’s all i can say to myself she didn’t play the blame game. I didnt ask her directly even though she is a gorgeous young woman i can tell she has some insecurities about herself and she knows those insecurities so it keeps her humble which is a plus. The reason i say that is because a lot of people dont know their flaws at one point i didnt know my flaws or vices now i do so it humbled me. I see a lot of women who think they are dimes, divas, or a quality female which is due to a lot of men pumping these women heads up when on a scale of 1-10 they are 4,5, or maybe a 6. Like you have men calling women thick when they are actually overweight so you got women thinking that shit cool. My question is have you ever seen a fat skeleton? Hell nah. Then you have the women who are 7s or 8s in they physical they could be quality women which would make them a 10 but they either dont have they mind right, ratchet ass hell, got fucked up attitudes, and dont have anything to bring to the table but whats between their legs so that drops their stock down to a 3.
Didnt mean to go on a rant back to the subject so after we parted ways i gave her my number told her to hit me up sometime so we can continue our convo she asked her if i wanted hers i replied “no because if you are interested you will contact me” another big smile.
The reason i shared this is that a lot of us men tend to pass over females like this on a daily i dont think it is intentional we are just not paying attention. Women like this are rare. The reason i say that is because a lot of times they are lacking in certain areas such as self-esteem, their fashion sense might be off but that is where you step in when you have your mind right. See with a woman like this you upgrade her in the area you are lacking if her self-esteem low and she is a humble female you pump her up. If her fashion game is off you fix her up. You turn a tramp into a champ. When you do she is a loyal ass female no matter if she end up getting married or have a boyfriend you always going to be that top man in her life. Because you upgraded and cultivated her. Like i said before any woman who comes in your circle she should be a better woman after dealing with you and she will always have love for you not matter what. You only do this with a woman has potential who is a quality woman and she doesn’t know it. I will post a blog on how to recognize a quality women soon.


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Originally from the sunshine state moved down south. Father, leader, motivator, entrepreneur. Just like to have fun live life to the fullest follow my dreams leaving my legacy.Just want to share some of my life experiences with people in order to help others to learn from things i have been through also just to have fun and motivate as well.


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