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Just want to drop some knowledge and game I have learned over the years from personal experience also from books and mentors along the way. This blog is for men who are trying to find their position in life their purpose to many of us have to bump our heads along this journey called life in order to figure things out. In no way shape or form am I a specialist in the things I post it is based on my own experience and perceptions which help me along my journey. I just want to share with you the lessons and skills I have picked up along the way. You will always keep pure honesty from I will even put myself on blast no one is perfect if they act like they are run.  The only person who can save you is you I just want to help you get past some of the mistakes I have made along the way and share with you the things I have learned hopefully it benefits you like it did me. Thanks for reading and let continue on our journey.



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